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The Prescription For Anxiety

We certainly are living in anxious times. How then do we deal with this anxiety? Philippians 4:6 tells us that the prescription for anxiety is prayer. Specifically, prayer where we make our request known to God. Prayer in its most basic form is simply talking to God.

Why do we have such a difficult time talking to God? It is because of the way we view our relationship with Him. We picture God as a king on a throne and ourselves as one of his common subjects. We see him as a distant leader that we barely know. We are intimidated to be in his presence and fearful to say what is in our hearts because He might reject us.

While God is our king, perhaps another illustration would make how we should see our relationship with God clearer. There is a famous picture of President Kennedy sitting at his desk in the oval office. When you look under the desk, you see his young son playing. You see, to John John, the president was not just that. More importantly he was daddy. A child can go to their dad and talk about anything, anywhere, and at any time. God wants us to come to him in prayer like he is our daddy.

Today, spend five minutes talking to God like he is daddy. Tell him your fears. Let Him know the needs in your life. Spend time thanking him for what he has done for you. After you are done, write down a sentence or two about how it felt to talk to God as daddy. - Tom Firasek

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